Rose Writers, A Creative Writing Workshop in Long Beach, California

Serving Long Beach since 2008, RW is home to new, beginning and experienced writers.

Summer Specials

Individual Sessions

Working one-on-one, I will read and respond to your manuscript in writing and in person. Response includes line notes, suggestions for moving forward and an overall critique. Fee includes a written response and a 2 hour meeting. Click here for details and registration.

Special Rates for Summer 2014

$60 for 5-15 pages*

$75 for 15-25 pages

$100 for 25-40 pages

*A single page is 12pt font, double spaced with 1” margins on all sides


Youth Writers Workshop in July

For ages 13-19

A 4-week workshop experience for writers of science fiction, fantasy and realistic fiction; writers will create new material, get helpful feedback and learn essential craft elements. Click here for details and registration.  


Manuscript Workshop

For writers who are in the middle stages of a novel, short story or memoir. Weekly feedback, time for revising and guided discussions on craft will help you move your project towards completion. Past manuscript workshops participants found the experience extremely helpful in getting over slumps and procrastination. Click here for details and registration.  

Workshop session

RW workshops are the perfect place to begin or continue your creative writing journey. In each session you will have the chance to write new material and get helpful feedback from the other participants. We also have discussions on craft and publishing.

Since 2008, Rose Writers has helped writers to "beat the block and banish the fear" of embracing their creativity.

Join us!

Rose Writers is the only AWA affiliated workshop in Southern California.  In AWA workshops, you are encouraged to:

    • Give your writing time.
    • Sound more and more like yourself.
    • Experiment, play, take risks, be brave.
    • Believe in the fresness, vitality, and importance of your own experience and imagination.
    • Practice in ways that will teach you to recognize your own voice and to increase its range.
    • Believe in yourself as an artist-in-training, and protect yourself from everyone and everything that undermines that belief.

Visit the AWA website to learn more.

*from, Writing Alone and With Others, by Pat Schneider

Located In Long Beach

Rose Writers Workshop
Long Beach, CA


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