Writers' Retreat to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

"As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, we descend into the darnkness of the night and face our own inner darkness within . . . to prepare for the birth of the Light within, celebrated at the winter soltice."


Friday, September 22nd, 6:30 - 9:00pm

We will begin writing at 6:30pm. Doors open at 6:00 for food and small talk. 
This 3-hour workshop will offer prompts and exercises to help writers explore those dark places that hide within, waiting for us to shine a light of understanding and acceptance. In my own writing experience, I have discovered many "dark places" that, in the end, propelled me to be a better writer.
Dark does not always mean bad, scary, or unwanted. Some of our greatest and best talents also hide within, waiting for us to shine the light of acceptance. 
We'll also do some writing focused on letting go & embracing our creative selve. 
This short but powerful writing experience will suprise and delight you. 
I hope you can join us. 


What you'll get:

  • Some writing done. Write new material or go back to an old draft, idea, or work in progress.
  • Intimate time with like minded creatives. 
  • Rediscover the joy of writing
  • Learn new ideas about craft


Taking reservations now. Retreat is limited to 10 writers.



Held at private residence in Long Beach near Willow and Pacific Ave.
Fee: $ 35

Includes refreshments


If interested, complete registration form or call Desiree at 562-882-2183

Serving Long Beach since 2008!

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