What is Amherst Writers & Artists?
AWA is a specific type of writers workshops created by Pat Schneider. Her goal was to create an artistic place where people who have been silenced--either by poverty, abuse, or those who have been relegated to the margins of society--can express their authentic voice without fear of being laughed at or put down. Her methods were deemed ground breaking, and she soon discovered that the AWA method works well with all writers, from all walks of life.
The biggest difference between AWA workshops and others is that writers come away from a session with a strong desire to write more, rather than less.
Is a writing sample required before I can attend the workshop?
No, but I will need to speak with you on the phone first. Nothing scary, just a few questions to make sure Rose Writers is a good fit for you. Not required for the Drop-in Sessions.

Can I join a session already in progress?
Usually not. But special arrangements may be made for make-ups or continuing participants.

What genres do you work with?
The workshop is designed for fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction (memoirs, essays). If you write technical stuff, this format may not suit your needs. Screenplay writers also may find the workshop lacking since writing for the screen is technically different than writing for the page.

I have no formal writing experience or training. Will this workshop work for me?
Yes! The workshop will bring out that inner-writer who's been screaming to be heard. The environment is safe and nurturing, and you only share your work when YOU are ready.

I have tons of experience and am well published. Will these workshops work for me?
Again, yes! Writing with others is a very powerful experience. Others may learn from you, but you will definitely learn from watching others grow and evolve into confident and experienced authors.

Does the workshop count as college credit?

No, it does not. But you will gain valuable writing, editing and critiquing experience that can be used in any college course.

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