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My name is Desiree Kannel, owner of Rose Writers for Kids. I left public school teaching to start Rose Writers because out of all the subjects I taught, I enjoyed writing the most. I came alive during writing time and always made sure that subject was never skipped. After a few years of full-time teaching, I took a leave of absence and went back to school. I earned an MFA from Antioch University and a post-grad certificate in Rhetoric & Composition from Cal State Dominguez Hills. I started Rose Writers in 2009, and I have never regretted it! I love to teach writing in a way that is very different from traditional education.


I truly enjoy working with young writers, and I would be happy to talk with you about how I can help your child on their writing journey.


Thank you!

Ms. Dez

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Course Descriptions

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Beginning Creative Writing


8 weekly sessions, 1



We’ll write from prompts and exercises, practice reading and responding, and learn a bit about crafting a story. Workshop guidelines and practices create a safe environment, and writers are encouraged to take risks and have fun. Creative writing is an enjoyable and low stress way to help young writers gain both confidence and skills.

Teen Creative Writing Workshop

8 weekly sessions, 1.5hrs 


Age 14 and up

This is a generative workshop, and the bulk of our time together is spent creating and revising our stories. In addition to writing from prompts, writers will also practice craft elements such as character development, dialogue, setting, and plot. Writers will also learn how to give helpful feedback on their classmates’ drafts. Workshop guidelines and practices create a safe environment, and writers are encouraged to take risks and explore their creativity. No previous workshop experience required.


Grades 8 -12

8 weekly sessions, 1.5hrs


A class designed to help students add clarity, flow, and depth to their essays. Students will learn how to discover relationships between words, ideas and sentences and how these relationships build coherent paragraphs. We’ll play with paragraph puzzles and practice revising and rewording them to increase clarity and flow. Students will use their own writing and work with models. My teaching philosophy for this class developed from my post-grad studies in rhetoric & composition. Specifically, from, A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, by Erika Lindemann.

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