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My name is Desiree Kannel. I started Rose Writers in 2009 with a simple mission:
To inspire people to write. 


Most of my clients have one thing in common: the desire to write, but are unsure of how to start. 

Rose Writers is the perfect place to begin, or continue, your creative writing journey. Why? Because we follow AWA guidlines and practices that create a safe and encouraging environment. You'll learn how to open up to your  creativity and write what comes. 

An essential service of Rose Writers are the weekly workshops. Some AWA workshops call this a "weekly writing practice," which I like. Writing, like all things creative, takes practice and dedication. 



Rose Writers for Kids offers specialized courses in creative & academic writings. 

These not-like-school workshops are supportive, encouraging and fun! 

Writing confidence grows and students learn strategies and tips to help them in all writing genres. 

Holding inperson classes and online tutoring.

Summer Camp 2022 schedule is open!

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