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Rose Writers workshops are the perfect place to begin, or continue your creative writing journey. Why? Because we follow AWA guidlines and practices that create a safe and encouraging environment. Writers are encouraged to take risks, explore their creativity, and share their work.


 If you have never been in a creative writing workshop, or you're a refugee from a less than supportive experience, come check out Rose Writers. What we do and how we do it will suprise and delight you. I promise!




Why Rose Writers?

An essential service of Rose Writers are the weekly workshops or writing sessions. Some AWA workshops call this a "weekly writing practice," which I like. Writing, like all things creative, takes practice and dedication. By making the commitment to write once a week, you are saying "Yes!" to your creative spirit. You are carving out time to allow your stories, your voice to be be listened to and heard. You are putting yourself and your dreams first.


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Thank you and call or email your questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Desiree Kannel



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  • Dr. Carol (Sunday, July 17 16 08:17 pm EDT)

    I just finished the Novel Writing Workshop. It was great!! I am a new fiction writer and began with just an idea. Desiree really helped me to get started developing the characters and conceptualizing
    the story. It was definitely challenging but Desiree has a unique way pulling your talent to the surface. I highly recommend her workshops, especially for beginning writers or those that are stuck
    and may need help moving forward!!

  • Ashley C (Monday, July 18 16 03:49 pm EDT)

    I attended the Novel Writing Workshop and I thought it was wonderful. Desiree covered important elements that make a good fiction novel. During the sessions, we covered writing exercises that helped
    us develop our own story, as well as exercises that had us practice different elements of novel writing. She put together a very supportive environment for us workshop attendees; we were able to
    discuss our different ideas and get critiqued,which I found incredibly helpful. I really enjoyed this workshop and would recommend it to beginning writers of fiction!

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