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Workshop Descriptions

Online Workshops via Zoom


Like the rest of the world, most of RW's offerings are only available online. 

The next session of online workshops will begin in February. Please check back for updates. 

If you are interested in individual coaching sessions or tutoring, contact me at desiree@rosewriters.com. 

Writing & Feedback Workshop


In a regular workshop, writers get feedback on their first-draft-just-written work. This feedback focuses on sections that work well and those parts that stood out for the writer. I consider this to be a helpful and healthy way to grow your writing practice. 


In this new workshop, we will spend time following this practice; however, after write and share time, participants will have the opportunity to get a full critique on their stories or essays. These pieces will be submitted the week before to give us time to read and make notes. In workshop, I’ll oversee the discussion to make sure the writer gets relevant and helpful feedback. Focus will be on the positive, but we will also share insights as to what is not working and how to fix it. As Lamont says in Bird by Bird, the “sword of truth” will be used to point the writer to a better draft, rather than tear them down.

Meets for 8 sessions



To learn more, click here. 


6 Week Workshops

Our most popular workshop. Writers meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Each session lasts approximately 2 hrs. We write, share and grow together as artists. Aspects of craft - character development, plot, description, etc - are also discussed. Fun and creative writing prompts will surprise and support your creative journey. Click here for schedules and registration.



Beginning Novel & Short story writing

For writers who have more than an idea for a novel or short story. Each session will focus on a different aspect of the writing process, all designed to help you make meaningful progress on your project. Beginning a novel or short story can be a daunting task, especially for first  timers. Let me help you take that idea out of your head and onto the page. 


$135 (five sessions)



Manuscript Workshops

A workshop designed to help you move your work to completion. Manuscripts will be critiqued by the leader and other participants. We will also do writing exercise that will explore the basic elements of the novel such as theme, scene construction, character develompent, and much more.


Working with others in the revising stages of a manuscript is very powerful, and you will make substantial progress. Each participant will be required to read, mark up and offer feedback for all manuscripts. We will meet for 8 sessions, usually bi-weekly; however, the group determines the meeting time and frequency. Click here for schedules and registration. This workshop is limited to 4 writers.


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